One Of The DEADLIEST Techniques To Catch BASS (ft. Special Guest)

Top Mistakes
Jig fishing for bass is one of the best ways to catch the biggest bass of your life. Not only can you catch big bass, but you can also catch a lot of bass in different situations with a jig!

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One of the biggest mistakes that I see with guys that are fishing jigs is the tend to spend too much time thinking about what color jig they want to use and not enough time fishing it.

Over several years of catching bass on jigs I can say that I have probably caught 98% of bass on 3 main colors, or an extremely close variant. So don’t complicate jig color.

Jig fishing can be even more frustrating if you are getting bit on a jig and losing fish. In this video Tyler Anderson from TylersReelFishing tells us why it is important to set the hook the right way while jig fishing.

With all that being said, one of the best things you can do to start learning a jig, is simply keep a jig in your hand! The more fish you catch on it, the more confidence you will have in it, and the more fish you will continue to catch on a jig!

BassFishingHQ is dedicated to teaching people how to catch more and bigger bass. I will go over different bass fishing tips & techniques that will put more fish in the boat or on the shore. Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned tournament angler, my goal is to help you catch more bass.

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