Brass Fishing Wire Knotter – Untie Knots, Tie Hooks, Make Small Loops, Hook Remover [4K]

Hook Knots
Today I would like to show you this gadget, which looks like a dog whistle to me, but believe it or not, it is designed to untie knots, tie small hooks to the line, make small loops at the end of the line and also can be used as a hook remover.

You can compare the price by checking the links below:

Multi-Purpose Fishing Line/Fish Hook Tier With Sub-line:
Amazon – Brass Fishing Wire Knotter:

You can also find lots of valuable information related to different fish species at:

In my videos I test different fishing gadgets that are available on the market (Amazon and not only) so that you could decide for yourself if you actually need one or not. The majority of them do not have the instruction on how to use them and it can be very frustrating when you don’t know how to use the tool you’ve just purchased or are planing to buy…

Do not to miss out on new videos where I’m gonna be showing tools that you might not even know exist!

Camera Used To Make The Video: GoPro HERO9 Black –
Lights Used: MOUNTDOG Upgraded Bluetooth LED Ring Light –

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