Cornwall: This Fishing Life ~ Series 1, Episode 1

Cornwall: This Fishing Life ~ Series 1, Episode 1

A cracking portrayal of part of our industry we are fighting so hard to save.

All we can say to government & politicians is give us a chance.

Cornwall – indeed the whole of Britain – has some of the richest waters, some excellent fishermen & cracking communities.

Britain only receives 10% of Channel Cod, Whiting and Haddock quota among others, yet based on the predominance of catches in our waters it should be 60% when free of the CFP.

Then we will be no different to Norway, Iceland or Faroe – bestowed with complete, exclusive sovereign rights over all our waters and resources within our EEZ.

Fishing should thrive with taking back control, injecting huge wealth & the ability to husband our resources for generations to come.

This would give a huge adrenaline hit to coastal communities. Allowing them to proudly stand on their own two feet – preserving a unique way of life that we are close to losing in many areas.

Don’t sell us out by surrendering Britain’s fish a second time is all we ask for!

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