SALTWATER FISHING GEAR Rods, Reels & Line for Deep Sea Fishing

In this episode I give a complete overview on what Saltwater Fishing Gear setups I use, how I use them, when I use them, and what I catch with them when deep sea fishing. I go over in detail the rods, reels & line I use to help you catch more fish. Whether you’re into sport fishing, charter fishing, recreational fishing, or just having fun offshore fishing, this hands-on guide to fishing rods and reels will serve as useful tool in decision making. In representation of all average, everyday anglers, this one’s for you… A true insight to what I use to for successful fishing expeditions of all kinds.

Tight lines & good vibes.

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Reel – Penn Spinfisher ssv5500
Rod – 7 foot Penn Battalion 15-20 lb class
line – 12lb Momoi smoke blue Nylon Mono

Reel – Penn Battle 5000
Rod – 7 foot Penn Battalion 15-20 lb class
line – 12lb Momoi smoke blue Nylon Mono

Reel – Daiwa BG60
Rod – 6 foot 6 inch Custom CHAOS rod
Line – 20lb Momoi smoke blue Nylon Mono

Reel – Penn Spinfisher ssv8500
rod – 7 foot Paraflex Star Rod
Line – 20lb Momoi smoke blue Nylon Mono

Accuracte Fury Boss 600N
7′ Handcrafted Star Rod

Reel – Penn International 30
rod – Choas 7′ trolling outfit custom
Line – 30lb Momoi smoke blue Nylon Mono

Reel – Penn International 30TW
Rod – 66″ bent handle Coastal Fishing Rod
Line – 50 lb test Ande clear monofilament

Daiwa Tanacom 1000

Red Label Fluorocarbon

1/2 ounce white bucktail

Noamd design Gypsy Jigs
The Gypsea Jig

Jyg Slow pitch jigs

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