Stilt Fishing Sri Lanka ( Life Story Documentary Film)

Ritipanna is the Sinhalese term for stilt fishing, which is a traditional method for fishing practiced by most fishermen along the southern coast of Sri Lanka. This art is popularly seen in areas such as Ahangama, Koggala, Welipenna, Kathaluwa and Thalarambe. A narrow pole is tied to a stick that is anchored on the sea bed. Fisher folk climb onto this stick and settle on the pole for a few hours in an effort to catch some fish.

Fishermen found on stilts are those who do not have access to sophisticated equipment for fishing. These men can make a living simply with the help of two wooden poles to make a stilt. One pole is nailed onto the sea bed and the other is placed like a cross bar and acts as a plank for the fishermen to sit on. Each stilt can accommodate only one fisherman. For catching fish, they create a rod made of Kithul, and a small plastic bag is tied around their waist to hold the fish that they catch. With one hand they hold onto the stilt and with the other they hold the rod that catches fish.
Director : Malinda Rathnayaka
DOP : Upeka Karunanayake ( Slow Motion Production )
Writer : Malinda Rathnayaka
Film Editor : Malinda Rathnayaka
Technician and BTS : Kasun Uddika
Narration : Pasan Wijewardhana
Narration Recording : Bashi Devanga ( Black Box Studios )
Special Thanks : Mr. Kasun Madhawa Goonethilake

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