Top 10 Bass Fishing Tricks – for beginners – Tips and Tricks for Catching Bass

Tips And Tricks
This is a quick list of Bass catching tricks I’ve learned over my 15-20 years of Bass fishing. These are the basics I wish someone had told me 15 years ago. Bass fishing is awesome and fun. Bass fishing is also super tricky and can be daunting for the beginner. These bass fishing tips should be a good place to start for the beginning angler. Catch more bass by using these simple tips and tricks.

1. 6 Seasons of Bass:

KVD Seasonal Guide –

Graphical Guide –

2. Temperature
3. Basic Finese Rigs
4. Basic Crankbaits
5. Bait Colors
6. Recon Tricks using Google Earth:

7. Sight Fishing
8. Bank Fishing
9. Sounds
10. Experience

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