Can You Beat Skyrim With Only A Fishing Rod?

This challenge was a lot of fun, and more tedious than anything. I encourage others to try it if they don’t value their sanity.

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With the Elder Scrolls: Skyrim getting yet another release thanks to our overlord Todd Howard and forever cementing the fact that one day we will be able to play it on our Samsung Smart Fridge, I wanted to view the game through some fresh eyes. Skyrim’s Anniversary release has PLENTY of new weapons to offer and there’s no shortage of ways to combat your way through the darkest of dungeons or highest of mountains. But there was one weapon yet to be found. A weapon that the strongest dragon-slayer in the land is yet to touch. Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is TheFogFrog, and we prepare to find out the question; Can You Beat Skyrim With Just The Fishing Rod?

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