Military Equipment Found Magnet Fishing -My Scariest Magnet Fishing Find EVER (Mortar, Gun and more)

Today my friends and I went magnet fishing and found military equipment while magnet fishing! We have found a bunch of stuff in the past at the spot but I was still shocked that we found a mortar!


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▶️What is magnet fishing?
▶️ Magnet fishing is a new forum of treasure hunting where you use a giant magnet and throw it in the water and see what you can find! We end up finding some crazy things as in guns, motorcycles, jewelry and more!

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▶️We Found A Duffel Bag Full Of Stolen Jewelry While Magnet Fishing (Appraised By Jeweler)

▶️Magnet Fishing Next To A Prison (Police Involved)

▶️ Magnet Fishing With Police For Criminal Evidence (Police Escort)

▶️ Stolen Motorcycle Recovered While Magnet Fishing (Cops Called)

▶️ We Found A Car, 2 Guns And More Magnet Fishing! (Craziest Day Ever)

▶️ Thanks for watching the most recent video: Military Equipment Found Magnet Fishing -My Scariest Magnet Fishing Find EVER (Mortar, Gun and more)

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