3 tips & tricks for hook fishing || line/সুতা কিনতে না চাইলে দেখুন || #reel || #rod || #line ||

Tips And Tricks
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In this video, I will tell you about 3 tips & tricks for hook fishing || line/সুতা কিনতে না চাইলে দেখুন || #reel || #rod || #line ||

Welcome to the Hook Fishing BD & Review Channel. This channel will teach you all the techniques of fishing and introduction and use of brand rods and reels. And will teach art techniques on how to fish in the river. Shimano Rod, Reel and Tica Rod, Reel will be reviewed. Good idea about fishing line / yarn such as monofilament, bed line / yarn. So stay tuned to the channel and subscribe.

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