Stop🫢 SNAKE! *24 Hour Outdoor Survival* Camping gadgets VS DIY Hacks🔥

Fishing Hacks
This is what happens when the princess and the poor girl go on a camping trip ⛺️. The princess 👸has all this exquisite and expensive outdoor equipment, while the poor girl 👧has nothing but her creativity to rely on and survive, so she had to DIY her own outdoor equipment.
Watch how she recreates camping gear with these hacks!

0:21 Instant tent maker / Camping tent
1:20 Easily bring a couch anywhere / Inflatable lounger
2:13 Removes venom from skin / Poison extraction pump
2:56 Bladder business everywhere / Portable toilet
4:24 Why brush your teeth manually when you have this? / Electric toothbrush
5:22 Catch fish without fishing / Fishing trap net
6:31 Enjoy the sea in style / Inflatable unicorn
7:36 Make a campfire without chopping wood / Firewood carrying bag
8:31 Don’t ruin your outfit, even when you camp / Inflatable hangers
9:27 Carry fresh water / Collapsible water container

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