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Wapo is the traditional chief of the Aikawa, the oldest tribe on the island of Santa Catalina, in the south of the Solomon archipelago. Every year, in June, he goes kite fishing in the waves of the Pacific Ocean.

This year his young nephew Jay has been designated to follow Wapo’s footsteps and perpetuate the legend of kite fishing. Wapo shows his pupil how to let the kite reach its flying altitude and, at the same time, how to control the line, so that the bait is carried by the kite, and skims the crest of the waves. If he lets it drag in the water, the fish won’t be interested.

Jay will need many years of experience before becoming a great fisherman like Wapo, but he is already beginning to master all the elements of kite fishing.

Documentary: Sea Legends – The wings of the fisherman
Direction: Jérôme SEGUR
Production: ZED & RFO

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