Two Beginners Catching NONSTOP Fish ALONE! (First Time Fishing Florida Keys)

Tips For Beginners
This week, we are switching from bridge fishing to boat fishing. We are using tiny bait shrimp and lures to fish for mangrove snapper and barracuda! Barracuda is a bucket list fish for me and I can’t wait to try and catch a BIG ONE.
These mangrove trees provide great structure for fish to hide in. I’m sure that if we can get some bait in there, we’ll be catching fish immediately.

0:00 Intro/Free Bait!?
2:08 The plan/Finding Fish
2:38 Fishing with tiny shrimps
6:30 Fishing with lures
12:29 Snapper Heaven
16:08 Barracudas and sharks. OH MY!
23:38 Conclusion


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