3 mistakes in 15 seconds while steelhead fishing 🎣 #shorts

Top Mistakes
#shorts #fishing #trout

Fishing small creeks for big steelhead or salmon species can be really frustrating… Lots of fallen trees and other obstacles in these tight corridors make it difficult to navigate and land these Lake Ontario beasts. Getting frustrated after losing fish is hard thing to avoid at times but the best thing you can do is get your line back and get your bait back in the water.

I made the first mistake of horsing this fish out from under the log jam then another when I pulled back in frustration getting my line caught in some brush beside me… 3rd mistake was not going over and to get myself unsnagged by hand.

Lots of lesson learned this spring while steelhead fishing hoping to transferring some of those skills and knowledge to fish my first fall season in the rivers.

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